What You Should Know About the Method of Your Towing Service

The Benefits of Flatbed Towing Over Other Towing Methods

When we need a towing service, all we want to know is that there is a professional available in our area and that they can get to us quickly. We hardly ever stop to consider the types of towing trucks that are out there and what the differences between them are. Many towing companies use either a flatbed truck or a hook & chain tow truck. Here are some of the differences they have that might be useful to keep in mind for your next tow:

Different Levels of Safety

When it comes to safety, flatbed towing is usually one of the safest options. In this case, the car that’s being towed is firmly strapped to the flatbed of the truck. That means that the car is not dragging behind it, and therefore poses less of a risk to the car, the surrounding vehicles, and pedestrians throughout the transportation process.

Preventing Further Damage

When your vehicle is safely secured on top of the flatbed truck, there’s hardly anything that can happen to it during the towing service. It’s safe from potholes and road debris. When the hook and chain method is being used, the chances of the rear bumper sustaining damage due to potholes or speed bumps still exists.

Can the Car Still Run?

If your car isn’t operational or if its axis is broken, then towing it by any means other than on top of a flatbed can’t be done safely. If there is anything preventing the wheels from turning, then such methods as using a dolly or hook and chain won’t work. If the car is operational, then driving it onto a flatbed is simple enough. However, if the damage is more severe, there are other methods of mounting it safely and transporting it without an issue.

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