Tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Towing

Has Your Friend Broken down in Her Car?

When it comes to


a vehicle, whether it is behind your motorhome, moving across the


, or helping a friend out that has broken down, you need to know the best way to prepare your car for this. So for anyone that lives outside of our area, below are a few helpful tips to guide you along the way.


Make sure you choose the best option for the situation. There are 3 options when it comes to hauling a car or other such item; so it will be up to you to determine which best fits your situation. The options covered in our blog are a trailer, a dolly, or a tow bar. The other option not listed are chains, ropes or straps to pull a car which has broken to the nearest shop. This method means someone has to sit in the malfunctioning vehicle to steer it, however, unless you or someone else has experience doing this, we do not recommend it. Unless you are literally going around the block.


Should you have to use this method, just remember to let towed car handle the brake loads, and make sure you try not to allow your rope, strap, or chain get too much slack. Plus, you need to remember to switch on both vehicles hazard lights. Which is comes to using a trailer, which is by far the easiest method, as these trailers usually allow you to either raise the entire vehicle on to the back of it or to raise the front or back wheels off the ground


However, this method can be quite pricey, unless you already own such a trailer.


The last method is a tow dolly. This allows you to raise the front wheels up off the floor, leaving the rear ones to roll on their own. These are extremely handy for front wheel drive cars. As with any trailer, drive, push or winch your car onto the dolly. Make sure to wrap your wheels in nets, and ratchet them down. There is often a chain for your front axles, depending on the model of the dolly.


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