Tips from Roadside Service Providers

Here’s How to Stay Safe if Your Car Breaks Down

What’s the first thing that you’ll do if you experience a vehicle breakdown? Like many car owners, your first instinct might be to call a roadside service provider. This expert will fix the issue and make your vehicle roadworthy again, which means that you can resume your journey ASAP.

Once you’ve contacted a roadside assistance company, your next priority is to keep yourself safe while waiting for help to arrive. You can maintain your safety by taking these steps:

Ensure that your car is visible.

Switch on your hazard lights and tie a white handkerchief (or any other type of white cloth) to your car’s radio antenna. If you’ve brought reflective triangles with you, place one triangle around ten feet away from the rear of your vehicle and another one a hundred feet away. Remember to place another reflective triangle several feet in front of your car, too! By exerting these steps, you can make your car noticeable and ensure that other motorists won’t slam into your vehicle and cause a serious accident.

Avoid talking to strangers.

It’s impossible to tell whether someone is a Good Samaritan or a criminal who’s waiting for the right time to attack. Because of that, your safest option is to avoid speaking to people who’ll approach your car and offer their assistance. Politely tell them that you’ve already called for help and are waiting for your roadside assistance provider to arrive. Of course, remember to keep the doors and windows locked to ensure that no one will be able to force their way into your vehicle.

Take the steps above to stay safe and secure while waiting for help to arrive. If you’re still searching for the right roadside assistance company to hire, don’t hesitate to call L T Towing Services Corporation! Dial (804) 222-9234 now and take advantage of our roadside service in Richmond, VA!