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L T Towing Services Corporation
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 32 reviews
by Hope Chenault on L T Towing Services Corporation
Excellent work!

Highly recommended if you need a towing company! Owner was super friendly and arrived at the location super quick! Very pleasant guy and very helpful! Very impressed with response time and great prices. Thank you so much again!

by David E. Brown on L T Towing Services Corporation
Excellent work!

I had a flat tire the other day, and this company came to my aid. I called them up, told them where I was, and they got a team to me really fast. They changed my tire and sent me safely on my way in record time. It was probably the smoothest roadside assistance service I’ve ever witnessed. It’s rare to come across such professionalism and they deserve every word of praise they get, Keep up the great work!

by Charlie I. Crane on L T Towing Services Corporation
Great service!

I highly recommend this towing company! My car wouldn’t start after I filled up the tank at a gas station just outside of town. I had no idea what the problem was, so I called for a tow. They arrived really quickly and got me back to town and straight to my mechanic. I was really impressed with their response time and how fair their rates are. I would definitely call them again.

by Denise Spencer on L T Towing Services Corporation

This is the only roadside assistance provider I will be turning to from now on! When I got a flat tire, they took my call right away and showed up very quickly to help me out. I was right back on the road in no time. They're very professional, reassuring, and pleasant to work with. I offer my honest recommendations!

by Peter K. Young on L T Towing Services Corporation
Fast and very helpful!

It’s never fun when your car needs towing, but their professionals really came through for me when I needed them. I was heading out of town when my car broke down. It was the engine, so there was nothing there experts could really do but take me to my mechanic. I had to postpone my trip, but they got me and my car safely off the road in no time, which was extremely helpful and very much appreciated. Great work!

by Dorothy L. Huges on L T Towing Services Corporation
So reliable!

My car’s battery died because I left the lights on when I parked it in the company parking. I was working late and I needed my car to get home, but by that time, there was nobody left at work to help me. I called this company for their roadside service and they were there within 15 minutes to jumpstart my car. It was amazing and such a relief. Very recommendable!

by Frances A. Pratt on L T Towing Services Corporation
Thank you again!

My car is very old and it has its issues, but I didn’t think it would actually get me stranded by the side of the road as it did. Luckily, I found your company online using my phone and called you. You were available to come and perform a towing service right away. Your team found me easily, got my car hooked up, and took me to my mechanic. It was a very smooth service. Thanks for the rescue!

by Lynn Walters on L T Towing Services Corporation

My brother told me that this company does a great job providing roadside assistance, and this is why I decided to give them a call when my car broke. They were extremely helpful with my car. They helped me by telling me what was was wrong with my car and gave me advice on what to do next. Thanks a lot for everything!

by Lewis King on L T Towing Services Corporation
Good job.

Quit searching for another towing company, people! This place provided me with a great service, at a very affordable price. Thanks a lot of everything, can’t tell you how happy I am about calling them! I am one of their loyal clients.

by Marcus Spencer on L T Towing Services Corporation
So happy!

An excellent towing company! The owner was very helpful and fast when my car broke down and the towing service was provided at a very fair price. Overall, I was impressed with the entire towing experience from this company and I would recommend them to anyone who needs a tow.

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