Roadside Service Tips on the Importance of Tire Rotation

It’s Not Just Your Engine That Needs Maintenance

This is why L T Towing Services Corporation, a roadside service provider, decided to write this post on the benefits of rotating your tires.

Tire rotation is the swapping of the front tires of a car with the rear ones at regular intervals. The basic principle behind this is to extend the lifespan of the tires, by allowing for a more even treadwear. Some specialty tire manufacturers do not recommend this; however, most cars do benefit from it. Some tire stores will often include tire rotation as part of their service plan.

The front tires of a vehicle need to perform several different tasks. In conjunction with the rear tires, they will provide traction via direct contact to the road surface. They must also respond to steering commands by altering the vehicle’s momentum in one direction or another. The result of all this will be a gradual loss of tread. Front tires do take more abuse than their rear counterparts while the car is moving.

In order to prevent the front tires from wearing out faster than the rear ones, a periodic tire rotation should be done. Some experts recommend this is done after 7,500 miles have elapsed. While others say the procedure should be timed with every other oil change. The tires will also have the need to be rebalanced at the same time, which a procedure that is often included in the service. Some mechanics suggest a front-end alignment too since a misaligned car will result in more uneven treadwear.

Car owners that have some mechanical know-how and jacks will be able to rotate their tires themselves. The trick will be keeping track of each tire’s original location and the new one. If the spare tire is still in good repair and full-sized, this too should be included in the rotation.

Hopefully, this roadside service post proved useful. The next time you have a problem on the road, call this number (804) 222-9234 first if you are in or around the Richmond, VA area.