Professional Towing Company Is the Key

DIY Towing? That’s a Bad Idea!

We live in an era of do-it-yourself projects. Some homeowners are fond of the DIY effort in their home maintenance and many other jobs. And wholesome self-labor is not a bad thing, DIY towing is a very bad idea. If you get stranded with your damaged vehicle, do not call a friend but a professional towing company. Here is why:

When automotive breakdowns happen, many drivers panic and become eager to fix the issue themselves. Have you heard that panic is a bad advisor? Instead of walking around and feeling lost and helpless, contact a reputable local towing service provider. Many professional and loyal companies will be able to help you get out of a situation quickly. DIY attempts often lead to additional damage to the vehicle. Specialists carry out their jobs safely and precisely, and they will save you precious time, money, and more damage.

Going over maximum towing capacity is a real risk for DIY-ers. Tow trucks are designed to haul vehicles using equipment, including specially-designed engines, frames, and axles. These pieces of equipment help determine a tow truck’s maximum and vehicle weight gross rating. For example, an amateur wouldn’t be able to get the job done without scratching the paint or causing even more damage. Experts use specialized driving methods that differ, based on the weight of the vehicle or equipment that’s being towed.

Professional tow truck drivers are also trained to find even difficult addresses and locations with their modern GPS devices. They can help you with any roadside occurrences like flat tires, jumpstarts, urgent fuel delivery, and all those jobs get done in a timely and professional manner.

If you happen to get stuck with your automobile in or around Richmond, VA and need a professional towing company, call our skilled and competent team at (804) 222-9234. L T Towing Services Corporation offers 24/7 reliable towing & roadside assistance services easily accessible at any moment.