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What Could Cause a Flat Tire?

Getting a flat tire is one of those unpleasant experiences that many drivers hope not to have, ever. Truth be told, roads are covered with all kinds of debris and sharp objects. Maneuvering around them means driving in a zigzag pattern which is not an option neither for your nor for the other vehicle owners. What can an emergency towing company tell you about some hidden causes of a flat tire?

  • Leakage; Air leaks in automobile tires are not unusual. They can come either from the valve stem or the tire bead. Over time, valve stems start to lose their strength and slowly but surely air escapes from there leading to losing a substantial amount of tire pressure. Once they begin to lose precious tire pressure, they become vulnerable to wear and tear and penetration. So, always check the condition of your auto tires for changes in their original size and shape.

  • High temperatures; The possibility of a flat tire increases during the hot season many times over. So, when the summer is just around the corner, you should inspect the tire pressure occasionally. Heated asphalt surfaces can have a negative impact on them causing them to expand and if the process continues, they can eventually burst. So, you will want to keep that in mind during next summer.

  • Lack of rotation; Neglecting the importance of checking the condition of your tires may lead to the same problem. If you forget to rotate them every once in a while, this could cause over wearing and a possible flat tire. Many drivers observe a simple rule, rotating them during each oil change meaning approximately every 6,000 miles.

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