Information on Trailers Offered by a Towing Company

Tips for Safe Trailer Towing

Our blog for today is not about our towing company, but how to tow a trailer safely. This is a question a few of our customers have asked us about, hence the blog!

Knowing your weight limits

You have to be sure that your trailer and whatever you are hauling in it fall within the towing or hauling capacities of the vehicle pulling it. Check the owner’s manual to learn the trailers that your vehicle can pull and the maximum weight.

Distributing the weight evenly

When your trailer begins to fishtail, ease off the gas to see if it stops. Should it continue when you accelerate, check to see if the weight has been distributed evenly on the trailer. It may not be distributed evenly, or it is too far back to put sufficient load on the hitch ball. One good tip is to carry 5-10% of the trailer load on the hitch, then redistribute the rest as necessary before continuing.

Ensuring the trailer lights work

Connect both the brake and signal lights, then double-check to ensure the trailer’s brakes, turn signals, and tail lights are in sync with your vehicle.

Inflate the tires properly

When towing a trailer you must make sure that the tires have been inflated properly or you will suffer from blowouts. In addition to staying within the limits of the weight for your rig, make sure that the tires are in good condition, and check that your wheel bearings are also. An overheated bearing can sideline your rig just as fast as a flat tire.

Understand that your vehicle will handle differently

When towing, you are driving your vehicle that is heavier than usual, so make sure to adjust your driving accordingly.

This is the conclusion of our blog, we hope you found it informative? If you are looking for a Richmond, VA based towing company, then look no further than L T Towing Services Corporation. Call us today at (804) 222-9234 if you would like to learn about the services we can offer you.