Important Steps to Follow after Calling for a Tow

What You Should Do While Waiting for Your Towing Service Provider

You may need to call a towing contractor if you find yourself stranded due to a mechanical trouble, car accident, or flat tire. There are a few important things you must do while waiting for the towing service provider to arrive. Failing to follow these guidelines may lead to further damage and bodily injury.

Move Your Vehicle

If you can drive your vehicle, then move it as far away from the moving traffic as possible. This way, you don’t pose a danger to the rest of the drivers; plus, the driver will be able to tow your car without affecting the traffic.

Turn Your Hazard Lights On

It is imperative that you signal the presence of your disabled vehicle by turning the hazard lights on. You will find the button for your hazard lights on the steering wheel or the car’s dashboard. The flashing light will alert other drivers that your car has problems and help them see if from far away, especially at night.

Place Reflective Triangles

If you can’t move your car out of the road, then place cones and reflective triangles around it. It is very important that you place at least one reflective triangle behind your car. Again, this will help other motorists see you from far while you’re waiting for your towing service provider.

Organize Belongings

towing servicesMake sure you take everything you need from your vehicle. Your phone, wallet, car’s paperwork, and other belongings should not be left in the car. Make sure you organize everything so that you can move quickly when the driver arrives.

Wait in the Car if Possible

If you moved your car outside the road, cones and triangles are in place, and the hazard lights are on, then stay in the car. It is safer to wait inside your vehicle than to wander on the road and risk getting hit by a moving vehicle.

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